Wednesday, 3 June 2015

You Have To Start Somewhere...

So, this is the first post on The Long Haul. With this I should promise you a life time of blog posts to sate your need for more, but I promise nothing. I only hope the name doesn't turn out to be to ironic.

I plan to blog about my preferred gaming system, Pathfinder, though it is the only system I have really tried out. I have read the rules of others, but none of them seemed to catch me the way the Pathfinder rules have. Though I will note that I plan on changing many of the rules and will hopefully experience much more in the world of gaming than I already have.

For some background in my gaming experience, I have been playing for just over 1 year. I have played in 1 game, and have run 16. 1 as a one shot and 15 as a running campaign starting last September, and fit in around doing an engineering degree.

I also plan to post about Larping, specifically under the rules set of Amtgard. I play in the shire of Wildgard, in the Principality of Rivermoor, in the Kingdom of the Iron Mountains. Not that that would mean anything to most people.

So here goes this experiment of a blog, and I hope it helps me to work on my GMing more.

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